L'Aventure Blanche Male Gift Set

Al Haramain

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You know what's tough? Finding the right gift for a man. Tell me if I'm wrong when I say men are very picky about gifts! You just can't seem to find the right item that will have them say "WOW"! Men like items that are useful and with the L'aventure Blanche gift set, they'll have a 30ml EDP, aftershave balm, shower gel and a towel, all perfect after a session at the gym, or even before a big night out.

Some gifts are so big they are impractical you avoid them altogether. With the L'aventure Blanche gift set, everything is small and compact and your special someone can fit all these items into their gym bag or even on the dressing room table, without taking up space for your other essential items.

Opening with a pine freshness courtesy of Lavender & Bergamot, twinned with a zesty character presented by the Lemon note. The floral notes blanket the initial zestiness with its botanical aroma, yet without losing its fresh & lively character. Truly a perfume for all occasions.